What You Need to Get Ready for Thursday's Ask Roulette

We’re at Housing Works this Thursday, March 12th, with special guests Cord Jefferson (Nightly Show), Michelle Wolf (Late Night), Tracy Clayton (Buzzfeed), house band Eli Bolin (Sesame Street) and of course your questions and answers.

Show starts at 7pm, and seats are first-come first-served, so come early to guarantee a seat and have a beer as you wait. The doors will be closed from 6 to 6:30 to set up, FYI. Snag your tickets now if you haven’t, or buy at the door.

Between now and then, help spread the word on twitter and facebook, and start thinking of a question you want to ask a stranger on stage. You can also:

+ Tell the world you’re coming on facebook if you feel like it (not required).
+ Let Buzzfeed tell you what Ask Roulette is all about .
+ Read a little about what makes a good question for Ask Roulette.
+ Suggest a question that the special guests will have to answer.
+ Listen to the recent podcasts on itunes
+ And watch our videos!.

Remember, you don’t need to come on stage – you can just hang in the audience.

Seeya soon!