What You Need to Get Ready for Wednesday's Ask Roulette at Housing Works

We’re back at Housing Works this Wednesday, July 16th, with special guests Anna Holmes (Fusion/Jezebel), Matt Koff (Daily Show) and NY1’s Pat Kiernan. Plus, your questions and answers. Oh, and Eli.

Show starts at 7pm, and seats are first-come first-served, so come early to guarantee a seat and have a beer as you wait.

Between now and then, help spread the word on twitter and facebook, and start thinking of a question you want to ask a stranger on stage. You can also:

+ Tell the world you’re coming on facebook if you feel like it (not required)
+ Let Buzzfeed tell you what Ask Roulette is all about .
+ Read a little about what makes a good question for Ask Roulette
+ Suggest a question that the special guests will have to answer.
+ Listen to the recent podcasts on itunes
+ And watch our new videos!.

Remember, you don’t need to come on stage – you can just hang in the audience.

If you can’t make it Wednesday, check out the other upcoming dates and plan ahead on our upcoming shows page.

Seeya soon!