Get Ready for Ask Roulette March 14th!

The next Ask Roulette is around the corner. We couldn’t be more excited for our special guests:

+ Mike Pesca of NPR
+ Albertina Rizzo of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
+ The Awl’s Choire Sicha
+ house band Eli Bolin

and of course your questions and answers live on stage. It’s all FREE at Housing Works Bookstore on Thursday March 14th at 7pm. Between now and then, spread the word, and start thinking of a question you want to ask a stranger on stage. You can also:

+ RSVP on facebook if you feel like it
+ Read a little about what makes a good question for Ask Roulette
+ Suggest a question that the special guests will have to answer

Remember, you don’t need to come on stage – you can just hang in the audience.

Seeya soon!