Picking Your Question

What makes a good question for Ask Roulette?

Good question!

The main thing is to not over-think it. If you’re going to participate (and remember, not everyone has to come on stage, you can just watch) just let your curiousity guide you. That said, if you want to slightly-think it, some guidelines:

+ How would you answer the question you may ask? If you would have a ready answer, then the person you’re paired with probably will too.
+ Questions that ask someone to reveal a deep character flaw (eg “What’s the most hurtful thing you’ve ever done to someone you love?”) are tempting but risky. Besides, people can reveal their character flaws – and strengths!) through all sorts of questions.
+ Try not to ask questions that require serious recall. “What’s the worst advice you’ve ever given?” is a great question, but most people probably won’t have a concrete answer quickly.
+ Don’t feel pressure to ask a deep question. It’s okay to just ask something out of pure curiosity, even if it gets a 10second answer.

Some great questions:
What’s the current state of your relationship with your mother?
Can you recommend a houseplant that I won’t kill?
What’s the last great meal you ate?
Who’s the best teacher you ever had?
Do you care about how you dress?

And millions more. There are loads of great questions, answers, and conversations to be had out there. Let’s find ’em. See you at the next Ask Roulette.